A Few of My Favorite Things – with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein

In this post I would like to share with you a few of my favorite videos and podcasts. These are all presentations that I have watched at least twice and sometimes more. A few of them I have incorporated into my own teaching. Some are emotional, some are entertaining, some are motivational, all are educational. Enjoy!

The Golden Fleece, the Golden Hour, and the Golden Rule by Ashley Liebig , SMACC Dublin, June 2016

I have no words to describe this one, just watch it and be prepared for some raw emotion.

When Should a Resuscitation Stop? By Cliff Reid, SMACC Gold, March 2014

This is a must listen for all resuscitation team members.

Cases from the Races by John Hinds, SMACC Gold, March 2014

An entertaining and educational presentation by the late Dr.John Hinds. Learn about the crazy world of motorcycle road racing in Ireland, and pick up some tips on what to look for on the scene of a bike crash. Pay attention to Dr.Hinds’ scene management, and how he handles the traumatic cardiac arrest.

EMCrit Wee – Mind Blowing Cricothyrotomy Video

When I teach about airway management, I always talk about having a backup plan ready. Here is an awesome example to what that plan might look like for some patients.

Lee County EMS Pit Crew CPR Demonstration

This has everything. NASCAR, CPR, an awesome knit beard, and a good back beat.

How to Stop Bleeding Without a Hospital by Howie Mell, SMACC Chicago June 2015

This presentation starts with a great self-introduction by Dr. Mell, and just gets better from there.